Colour Matching and Tinting

​​Colour Matching and Tinting

​Our colour matching service is based on a lifetimes work in the paint industry and we have several ways to provide you with the exact shade of colour you need. Our trained colour matcher has over 40 years experience and can quickly match most colours by eye. 

We are also a Rust-Oleum ColourShop and can assess colours using our ColourShop 2 photospectrometer or magic eye as it is often called. 

For more specialised colours, we can take your dry samples and submit them to experts for laboratory matching.

With several tinting machines across our locations we can tint many different products with a short lead time, giving you the exact colours you need for your job.

To find out more or if you're interested in our colour matching and tinting services, please do not hesitate to contact us on ​​01937 586311 ​or ​ ​- our expert team will be happy to help!

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