White pipelineThe SigmaLine range offers protective coating solutions that have a proven track record in even the most extreme conditions. Whether pipes are thermally insulated, buried or submerged and whether your project is new construction or maintenance, the SigmaLine range of products provide maximum internal and external corrosion protection, with the added benefit of temperature resistance.

  • Coatings offer added value through versatility.
  • Long service life.
  • Ease of application.
  • Consistent quality.
  • Solvent free offerings. (Eliminating any potential fire hazards).

‚ÄčThe very best in tank lining products for a whole array of cargos.

We endevour to keep all Data and MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) current and up-to-date (within the last 3 months) on our website, however it is advised that you always speak with the office to ensure that you have the latest versions. Instructions for use and Safety Information should be be strictly adhered to at all times.

Product Description Data Sheet MSDS Base! MSDS Activator
SigmaLine 403Two component polyamine cured epoxy flow pdf: SigmaLine 403.pdfdownload pdf: Sigmaline 403 msds base.pdfdownload pdf: Sigmaline 403 msds hardener.pdf
SigmaLine 523Two component solvent free polyamine cured epoxy pdf: SigmaLine 523_data.pdfdownload pdf: Sigmaline523Base_MSDS.pdfdownload pdf: Sigmaline523HardenerMSDS.pdf
SigmaLine 780 (PhenGuard 780 Subsea)Two component amine adduct cured phenolic epoxy pdf: SigmaLine 780_PhenGuard 780 Subsea_data.pdfdownload pdf: Sigmaline780Base_MSDS.pdfdownload pdf: Sigmaline780Hardener_MSDS.pdf
SigmaLine 855Two component solvent free polyurethane pdf: SigmaLine 855_data.pdfdownload pdf: Sigmaline855Base_MSDS.pdfdownload pdf: Sigmaline855Hardener_MSDS.pdf
SigmaLine 2000Two component solvent free amine cured phenolic epoxy pdf: SigmaLine 2000_data.pdfdownload pdf: Sigmaline2000Base_MSDS.pdfdownload pdf: Sigmaline2000Hardener_MSDS.pdf
SigmaLine 2500Two component solvent free amine cured phenolic epoxy pdf: SigmaLine 2500_data.pdfdownload pdf: Sigmaline2500Base_MSDS.pdfdownload pdf: Sigmaline2500Hardener_MSDS.pdf

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