Own Brand SolventWe have our own off-the-shelf range of both pure solvents and various bespoke blends, available for both thinning and cleaning purposes. In addition to the below, we are able to access other pure solvents or manufacture specialist blends to meet your individual requirements.

We strive to ensure we have an appropriate thinner for all of our available coatings. 

If you have a requirement outside of those listed below, or for any more information on these readily available solvents, call us on 01937 586311 now where one of our team will be able to assist you.

We endevour to keep all Data and MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) current and up-to-date (within the last 3 months) on our website, however it is advised that you always speak with the office to ensure that you have the latest versions. Instructions for use and Safety Information should be be strictly adhered to at all times.

Product Description Data Sheet MSDS Base! MSDS Activator
Guard Solvent APure Xylene SolventN/Adownload pdf: Guard Solvent A (MSDS).pdfN/A
Guard Solvent BRecycled Solvent for cleaningN/Adownload pdf: Guard Solvent  B (MSDS).pdfN/A
Guard Solvent CSpecial Blend designed for Epoxies N/Adownload pdf: Guard Solvent  C (MSDS).pdfN/A
Guard Solvent DPanel WipeN/Adownload pdf: Guard Solvent  D (MSDS).pdfN/A
Guard Solvent EMethyl Ethyl Ketone SolventN/Adownload pdf: Guard Solvent  E (MSDS).pdfN/A
Guard Solvent FWhite Spirit N/Adownload pdf: Guard Solvent  F (MSDS).pdfN/A
Guard Solvent GCleaning solvent for fibre glassN/Adownload pdf: Guard Solvent  G (MSDS).pdfN/A
Guard Solvent HWhite spirit blend for SP PolyurethanesN/Adownload pdf: Guard Solvent  H (MSDS).pdfN/A

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