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Maintenance - Rust-Oleum® Paints & Coatings

At New Guard Coatings, we have access to a comprehensive range of Rust-Oleum paints and coatings for maintenance and repair solutions including floors, roofs, cladding and hygiene coatings. Most of these coatings are through our global supplier, Rust-Oleum, although we do combine technologies and solutions from across all our ranges.

These coatings are specially manufactured for all types of substrates - from steel and other types of metal, to cementitious and asphalt surfaces - and are designed for easy consumer-type application, but with proven track records in the field as well. 

Please click below for further product ideas and information on a particular area, or alternatively request a call-back from one of our technical team to discuss your requirements fully, and to enable us to propose a suitable coating and specification tailored to your needs.

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Flexcrete are the leading independent UK manufacturers of technical mortars and high performance coatings. Flexcrete's products are specially designed to solve structural problems in some of the harshest environments around the world. Ensure the highest protection from chemicals, water penetration, chloride ions, carbonation and other forms of attack and increase the durability of newbuild projects.

Our partnership with Flexcrete means that we can offer you a wide range of products for:

Concrete Repair and Protection

Concrete Repair Mortars
Fairing Coats and Renders
Admixtures - Achieve Enhanced Mechanical Charecteristics
Corrosion Inbitors

Decorative and Protective Coatings

Anti-Carbonation Coatings
Hygiene Coatings
Clear Surface Sealers

Structural Waterproofing and Tanking

Cementitious Waterproofing Coatings

Enhanced Durability For Concrete and Steel

Corrosion Protection For Steel
Combatting Gas, Chemicals and Chlorides

Waterproofing of Roofs and Other Decked Areas

High Performance Roof Coatings
Waterproofing of Concrete Floors