Welcome to New Guard Coatings Ltd

Established in 1977, New Guard Coatings is a privately owned family business specialising in the sale of protective coatings for a wide range of market sectors, from heavy industry to new construction and maintenance.

In the UK, New Guard Coatings’ Head Office is in Wetherby, West Yorkshire and we also have a distribution hub in Barwell, Leicestershire - together they provide a comprehensive service that covers the majority of the UK. Additionally we have an office and warehouse in Houston, Texas and satellite operations in, Delaware USA, and Dublin, Ireland - for further information please visit our other International sites.
Our close association with our global supply partner, Rust-Oleum, and support from leading global protective coatings manufacturer PPG Protective & Marine Coatings (encompassing both the Sigma and Amercoat brands, and whom we have a relationship with going back over 35 years), means that our customers benefit from the best of both worlds; they get personal service and the benefit of our employees’ wealth of experience and expertise in the protective coatings sector, together with the technical endorsement, inspection and back-up of worldwide manufacturers.

Over the past 40 years we've built up a reputation to protect. It hasn't been easy, it’s a result of our policy to always provide our customers with a reliable service and quality products from start to finish together with comprehensive aftercare. You can rely on us to continue to do just that. After all, we now have our “Global Reputation to Protect”.